Double E Perfomance Horses Elizabeth Clavette

Double E Performance Horses

Clearwater Farms, Danielsville, GA

Home of 2014 3rd Place AQHA World Cowboy Mounted Shooting Championship Shooter  & 2013 CMSA Top 10 Ladies Points Finalist

Elizabeth Clavette

CSI Saddlepads ( You'll love how much your horse loves the CSI Saddlepads.


EquiPase ( Equipase "The Natural Performance Enhancer"


Formula 1 ( Made by Noni. Noni, scientifically named Morinda Citrifolia, is a holistic product that works to support many of the body’s systems. Independent research using the Noni fruit supports positive improvement in mental and physical wellbeing as it...

*Supports a strong immune system

*Supports a healthy gut

*Supports faster recovery from training and conditioning

*Supports balanced behavior


Drover Supply (

Custom Made Leather Products From The Heart of Montana Cattle Country

Made for Horsemen by a Horseman

Our shop is located near Lavina, Montana,

All of their goods are made from the finest leather and hardware available, in the tradition of the old west for durability, beauty, and craftsmanship. No short cuts are taken and no mass production is done. If you want the best tack and leather goods available personalized for you or your horse, give them a call.


Equidae Feed (

Providing superior nutrition to all classes of horses and all age groups from weanlings to seniors and broodmares to competitive partners, EQUIDAE allows you to meet your horse’s individual daily. Whether your horse needs 15,000 calories or 35,000 calories, you can safely achieve those numbers utilizing good quality forage or pasture and EQUIDAE Horse Feed.


AcuLife (

Life Wave’s AcuLife patches are a new technology for providing pain relief and improving the overall quality of life for your horse. Life Wave’s technology accomplishes this by working with your horse's body, not against it. You care about the health and well-being of your horse. Now you can decrease your horse's pain and inflammation in a safe and all-natural way. This is how your horse's body is supposed to function, both now and all through its life. This is Lifewave.


Preservation Solution (

• Leather conditioner for use on everyday leather items that are in good condition, to soften, hydrate and protect the leather. Leather Saver

• Heavy-duty conditioner used on extreme cases of damaged or deteriorated leather: Leather Rejuvenator

• Restoration Leather Conditioner to soften stiff, fragile or antique leather

• Leather cleaning products, Leather Detergent for washing heavily soiled leather, and Leather Cleaner for gentle surface cleaning leather

• Suede Saver for softening and conditioning suede or nubuck items

• An industry-leading product to restore that wonderful new leather smell: Leather Fragrance

• Put a beautiful soft shine to your leather items with our Leather Polish

• A specialty item for strengthening and stabilizing red rot leather Klucel G

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