Double E Performance Horses Elizabeth Clavette

Double E Performance Horses


Home of 2018 Lady Reserve National Champion

Elizabeth Clavette

Now Located at:

Iva, South Carolina

Double E Performance Horses is a provider of quality horse related services!

Some of our services include:







Trail Riding






Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Barrel Racing

Tune Ups


We also offer:

Roping Sled, Buford, Pro-Cutter (curing machine),

Obstacle course, trails and much more!!


We are vary proud to announce that Ethan Stanley has joined the Double E Team. Ethan specializes in colt starting, problem horses, training shooting and roping horses. He has been starting colts since the age of 14. Ethan has learned from other horseman and has developed his own program that works! He believes in developing confidence in his horses. Ethan has worked for himself as well as for Don Wright in Kennedy, TX starting colts.


We now offer:

PEMF Therary


What is PEMF Therapy?


PEMF therapy uses short bursts of low-intensity electromagnetic stimulation to recharge cells. It’s non-invasive and painless. A PEMF device may use a coil or a pad to deliver the electromagnetic energy to people, horses, and pets while they relax comfortably. You might choose to localize treatment to one area, but treating the whole body can have a better outcome. Super-oxygenated blood can flow from other areas of the body to the affected area.


Results can be felt immediately, and there is no recovery time required after treatment.


The beneficial effects continue after the treatment is completed. PEMF therapy starts off the effects of energizing the cells, increasing oxygen in the blood, and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.  Depending on the problem and the desired outcome, you may choose to repeat the treatment once or twice a week throughout training and competition, or you might plan a series of treatments.



$50 at an event for a 30min treatment

$50 if you Haul to me for a 30 minute treatment

I will travel. Message for more information.



Please feel free to contact me at or 303-887-6030!

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