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Double E Performance Horses

Clearwater Farms, Danielsville, GA

Home of 2014 3rd Place AQHA World Cowboy Mounted Shooting Championship Shooter  & 2013 CMSA Top 10 Ladies Points Finalist

Elizabeth Clavette

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Winnings:

2015 Nation Western Stock Show Shoot Lady Overall

2014 L5 Reserve World Champion

2014 # 2 Ranked Cowgirl in the CMSA World

2014 4th Ranked National CMSA High Point

2014 US Central Eliminator Champion

2014 AQHA World Mounted Shooting Championship 3rd place finish.

2014 Ft. Worth Stock Show Shoot Ladies Overall

2014 Ft. Worth Stock Show AQHA Open Winner

2013 CMSA Ladies Top 10 Points Winner

2013 L4 Reserve World Champion

2013 Cox Benefit Shoot Ladies Reserve Overall

2013 L4 Tennessee State Champion

2013 Western US Championships Reserve Open Eliminator Champion

2013 Will Lantis Memorial Class and AA Double Down Champion

2013 North Central Regional Class winner

2013 Estes Park Lady Overall/class win

2013 US Central Championships Reserve AA Double Down champion.

2013 CO State and Mid Mountain Regional class Winner!

2013 CMSA National Championship L4 class winner, Top 10 Lady Overall & Top 10 AQHA Open. (Riding "Nita Gun It")

2013 AQHA Sun Circuit finished 2nd in Class, 2nd in Division and 4 in Open AQHA (Riding "Nita Gun It) (His 2nd shoot)

2013 NWSS Class winner (Riding "Nita Gun It" aka Huey)

2012 CMT Appreciation Shoot Lady Overall. Points for Pets Shoot Lady Reserve (Riding "Kenos Knights Spot" owned by Brett Morgan)

2012 Byers Rendezvous 9/15 Reserve Overall/Lady Overall (Riding "Kenos Knights Spot" owned by Brett Morgan)

2012 Estes Park Shoot 6/16 & 6/17 Lady Reserve (Riding "Samora", 4 yr. old owned by Dale and Katrina Klotz)

2012 Wyoming State L5 & Overall Cowgirl (Riding "Shinny New Jaguar" Owned by Linda Lonnecker)

2012 Mid Mountain Regional L5 Class Winner

2012 Colorado State L5 Class Winner

2012 Fort Worth Stock Show L5 Class Winner (Riding "Shortcake" Owned by Mike and Shannon Males)

2012 National Western Stock Show Lady Eliminator Champion

2011 World Colt Eliminator Champion

2011 Tony Lama CMSA World Championships finished 7th Cowgirl Overall, Top 20 finish (riding King's Red Frost owned by Gary Vickers)

2011 South Central Regional L5 Class winner

Invited to the first ever and second annual Mounted Shooting All Stars with the top 10 Cowboys and Cowgirls competing for the All Star Title

First ever Lady Level 5 mounted shooter in the state of Colorado!

2010 ranked 8th Cowgirl in the World!

2010 Scully Atlantic Coast Classic L4 class winner and Double Down Champion (riding Chisum owned by Matt Sronce)

2010 CMSA Lady Reserve National Champion, finishing 3rd overall

2010 CMSA L4 National Champion class winner and Double Down Champion

2010 CMSA Stetson Summer Classic finished 7th Cowgirl overall

2009 MSA National Championship Overall Cowgirl riding Blondie 3rd Lady overall riding Shinny New Jaguar owned by Linda Lonnecker

2009 CMSA Sundowner World Championship finished 10th Cowgirl overall



About Elizabeth Clavette & Double E Performance Horses:


I was born and raised around horses! I was fortunate enough to have a supportive family that wanted me to learn as much as possible. I have worked with many top trainers in both English and Western disciplines. I believe that there is always more that you can learn, and you can always make yourself better!


I was on a horse with my mother as soon as I could hold my head up. At the age of 3 I got my first pony. When I turned 6 I started to ride and show in the English discipline. I was an active member of Pony Club, making it to the ranking of C-2. I also competed mostly in 3 day eventing.


At the age of 16 I went to help some friends move cattle. At that point I decided I wanted to ride and train in the Western discipline. That is when I bought a 3 year old un-started mare. I named her "Blondie". I decided to compete in barrel racing and pole bending in High School rodeo.


After competing in High School Rodeo for a year I decided to expand my knowledge. I started to participate in team penning, sorting and also started to learn how to rope. In 2008 I was introduced to the fabulous world of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Out of all of the disciplines I've competed in I enjoyed this one the most!


I have been very fortunate in the opportunities to work with top trainers!  When I was younger my mother Julia Clavette gave me a great head start! She grew up on the east coast showing in Hunter Jumper, Dressage and Three Day Eventing. While growing up Julia had many opportunities to work with top trainers as well. She was our main instructor for Pony Club. I’ve attended the Abbe Ranch 3 day eventing clinic for the past 17 years, having the opportunity to work with Tom Mowery, Deeda Randal, Susan McLean, and Francis O'Reily. For several years I attended many clinics and lessons offered by Tom Mowery, specializing in natural horsemanship training techniques. I've attended clinics and worked as an intern for Joe Wolter. A top cutting and reining cow horse trainer. I've also worked with Les Vogt, who is a 15-Time World Champion known for training winning reining and reined cow horses.


Horses are my passion and I have dedicated my life to learning new training methods to try to help horses and riders work together.


Very excited to be sponsored and have all of the support from such great companies! For more information please call and or email.

Please feel free to contact me at or 303-887-6030!

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